Earthlite Massage Tables
Earthlite massage tables are built to last and built with love.  Choose from these
time-tested and innovative portable massage table designs from Earthlite.
The NEW Spirit - from Earthlite
Built to last a lifetime

Weight: 32 - 35 lbs
Width Options: 28", 30", 32"
Standard adjustable height
23” to 33”
Optional adjustable height
19” to 27”, 20” to 30”
Passes 525 lb. drop test
The Luna - from Earthlite
Full size, only 26 lbs

Weight range: 26 - 29 lbs
Width: 30"
Length: 73"
Height range: 23" to 33"
Passes 450 lb. drop test
The Infinity - from Earthlite
Comfort beyond imagination,
strength beyond compare

Weight range: 30 - 33 lbs
Width options: 30"-26", 32"-28"
Length: 73"
Standard adjustable height range: 24" to 34"
Infinity LT
Weight range: 28 - 30 lbs
Width options: 30"-26", 32"-28"
Length: 63"
Standard adjustable height range: 24" to 34"
Infinity & Infinity LT
Options: shown with optional headrest
The Avalon - from Earthlite
professional table

Specifications and Features
Weight range: 32-33 lbs
Width: 30"
Length: 73"
Height range: 23 to 33"
Passes 450 lb drop test
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Massage Tables online.
Earthlite massage tables are high quality tables sure to enhance your massage practice.
Known the world over as the gold standard in massage equipment, Earthlite specializes in
safe, reliable products made with environmentally friendly practices. With their healing
products behind you, your practice can thrive and flourish.

It is well-known among massage therapists that one great massage can keep a client
coming back for years to come. With this in mind, you must come to the job prepared. This
means great hands, expert training, and a quality massage table. There are scores of tables
out there and they vary with regard to price, quality, and durability. Invest wisely and your
practice will reap rich returns for years to come.

When choosing a massage table, you must maximize comfort and safety for both the client
and yourself. Keep in mind that you do yourself no favors if your wear yourself thin on a poorly
positioned table. A good table will support your height, weight, and massage style. It will have
comfortable foam, adequate length, and proper ergonomic design. Your client will forget it's
there and feel only the comforts of your first-rate massage.

At Earthlite Massage Tables, we understand the importance of high quality equipment. That's
why we're proud to recommend the world's leading products. Exceptional products,
competitive prices, and quick, easy delivery make our preferred vendor second to none. Take
a moment to browse our site and to explore the many ways you can enhance your massage
practice with Earthlite massage tables.

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